Videotravelguide at your website

Increase the visitors experience on your website with our HD Video Travel Guides of the most beautiful holiday destinations in Austria!

Example display of an VideoTravelGuide at your websiteEmbed the full HD Video Travel Guides in the layout that fits best for your website with an appropriate video frame size, video quality and the desired language – easily with just one line of source code.
The embedded video is no teaser-/trailer- or preview video, it’s the entire nearly 10-minute compact Video Travel Guide that otherwise your users would need to pay for it!
One more reason that visitors keep coming back to your site, thereby also inform about your offers and tell their friends on social media platforms about it.

Some of the benefits of HD Video Travel Guides on your site:

  • Longer retention time of visitors at your website
  • More traffic to your site, among other things by recommendations from friends
  • Video embedding in HD quality
  • Automatic video updates when a new version of the HD Video Travel Guide is released
  • Choose between the English or German language version – or embed right both variants
  • Unlimited views
  • Video Travel Guide plays on mobile devices too
  • Quick integration with just one line of code

The embedded HD Video Travel Guide could eg appear as shown over the entire width…

…or may instead or in addition be shown in reduced size next to any text (as you can see right).

Note: For demonstration purposes only the high-resolution preview (720p) of the English spoken Video Travel Guide “Salzburg City Centre” appears here – on your site the almost ten minute full Video Travel Guide can be viewed of course!

Do you find yourself maybe in one of the following listed companies?

  • You run a (tourism) business in one of the regions – or in the near area – presented in an HD Video Travel Guide?
  • You run a travel company that offers vacations / trips / (bus)travel to at least one of these regions?
  • You have, for example, a traveler information or tourist board website, that offers informations about one of these regions?
  • You just want to have an informative and high-quality HD video of an Austrian travel destination on your commercial/company website?

Then take your previous, current and future visitors, guests and customers on a virtual journey with the online Video Travel Guides of at your website!

You have additional questions or want to get started immediately and embed one (or more) of our VideoTravelGuides into your website? Then please send us your request via contact form, we will answer as soon as possible respectively send you a tentative offer. Or buy your desired product directly at our Ebay seller page.